Life that once was

Taylor Texas old building, Dowtown on Main Street.jpg

Driving the back roads of central Texas provides so many opportunities to experience the slow-pace, friendly towns.

Just like most areas we travel around the world, we see something that grabs our attention – triggering the thought:  “I need to take a picture of that.”

House deteriorated with flag.jpg

I don’t know about you but I have sentiments for some of the older buildings or something that reflects history where a location was once active and thriving and now sits there – waiting for some attention and love.

That which once was and now is, remains in the eyes of the beholder to give it new life.

Sitting, standing, eroding away;

Underneath the heat and clouds,

Of each passing day.

The clouds say hello as they dance overhead,

Some looking angry, but going where they’re led.

Who knows what lies within,

As we only see the outer shell of what had been.

Still, there is life – and abundant at that;

Only if one could see beneath the surface,

Where life once sat.

We pass them day-by-day,

Without much thought what the building would say;

Texas Old Building.jpg

Listen to the silent song and behold the pride,

Even though no one answers, there is life inside.

(My next post will highlight something in Taylor, Texas just a block away that looks old on the outside but is thriving inside.)



7 thoughts on “Life that once was

  1. I love your poem! I agree that old buildings- and people for that matter- are great sources of interest, history and wonder for anyone who takes the time to look beneath the surface.

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