Arizona’s Greatest Canyon

Grand Canyon 9For those who have not seen the Grand Canyon in Arizona firsthand, you will be amazed and will stand there in awe.

Grand Canyon 10How can one take in such beauty and peacefulness?  It’s certainly worth a trip.

National Park Service Map

We drove from Flagstaff, Arizona to the South Rim of the Canyon.  One can catch the tour train dedicated for the canyon as well.  I think the drive itself was fairly peaceful and picturesque – sort of like driving on the plains and wondering where the Canyon begins.  You won’t notice it until arriving and then you see the beauty unfold below you.


Grand Canyon 6The National Park Service mentions a “unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms decorate a canyon that is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep.  Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size.” The park service has excellent information at

Grand Canyon 5

Grand Canyon 4

Grand Canyon 7
Sign posted on one of the rocks along the walkway.  

The South Rim is open all year but the North Rim is seasonal.

There are many other sites to explore while in the Grand Canyon region so if one has time it’s a great opportunity.

I appreciate your riding along.  I’ll provide more photos in my next post.

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32 thoughts on “Arizona’s Greatest Canyon

      1. This was my first visit. I had heard about it and read about it. I finally had the opportunity to go. I would like to go again too. Thanks.

  1. Thank you for sharing this beauty from one of the world’s most beautiful places.
    I have dreamt about seeing them and still do and as dreams can come true I will.

    Flagstaff as a start was one of the points on the journey. I would love to travel this slowly as
    to give time to just sit and dream here and there.


  2. Oh, seeing your photos I feel so grateful to have been able to see this awsome place with my own eyes. Yes, being there was like a prayer, a meditation, a certain kind of enlightment even. Thank you so much for sharing! Best wishes from Vienna, Austria.

    1. Thank you so much! I know what you mean. People just stand there and try to take it all in – sort of in a trance. Best to you in Vienna also. I plan to get to Austria one of these days. I made it to Germany and thought about driving to Austria, or taking the train, but ran out of time. 🙂

      1. Yes, I remember the awe on the faces of the other visitors. And though there were so many of them … it was beautifully quiet. Peaceful. A truly holy place … if you ever come to Vienna, tell me, if you want to see spots away from mere tourist’s path!

    1. I initially thought about riding the mules to the bottom but didn’t have time. I imagine the hiking is quite an adventure and awe inspiring for sure. Thanks.

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