Route 66 ride continues in OK

Route 66 Weatherford 150628

Thanks for being with me on the Route 66 journey.  Although we didn’t take a lot of time while meandering through the towns, I did pick up on a few interesting areas.  I’ll post a few photos of them.

20364445188_53ba0216d5_oWhen I realized we were actually on Route 66 just west of Oklahoma City I exited at Clinton.  We took a few photos but moved on toward Weatherford, trying to stay off the Interstate.

How does one stop long enough to actually take in all the sites, sounds and tastes of local communities while still trying to cover some ground through multiple states?  I suppose just don’t be concerned about costs and times.  After all, we have these too commodities at our disposal, don’t we?



I appreciate comments from my earlier post on Route 66 in OK (Oklahoma).  Thanks to Laura Bailey at for her insight.

I didn’t realize at the time about Yukon, just west of OK City.  Laura mentioned Yukon on Route 66, before getting to Weatherford, “you’ll see Garth Brooks Blvd.  If you took a left onto it, a short way up is the cemetery where his mom is buried. On Rt 66, AKA Main St, is a restaurant called Fat ElvUS.”  Laura thinks the restaurant is now closed but there were photos of Garth Brooks as a youngster, posted by the locals.   There is another old building on the right as you travel west on 66.  It too is closed down now but has memories as the old bar “Oasis” – that Garth sang about in his song “Friends in Low Places.”

Continuing to Weatherford, we enjoyed just being on Route 66, whether Interstate or the local highway.

Route 66 - Weatherford 150628

Here is a little historical information about Weatherford as described on

“This area has been inhabited for over 10,000 years, and its current Native American population was relocated there after the early 1800s by the U.S. government, when it created the Indian Territory to settle the natives that lived east of the Mississippi River in exchange for their original territories. Reservations were established and the Indians forcibly moved to them. The Dawes Act of 1887 changed the U.S. government’s policy: the natives had to be assimilated. So in 1891 the reservations were dissolved: each tribe member received a 160-acre plot and the surplus tribal land was purchased by the U.S. government for future use.”

Route 66 Weatherford town strip 150628

I wonder how much of Weatherford comprises Native Americans today?  Did they diminish similar to travelers due to growth?


Did these memorable places close because people enjoyed too much of the fast lane on the Interstate, and the mom-and-pop businesses couldn’t sustain themselves?

Route 66 Weatherford Sign 150628 (2)

Elk City, Okla.

Route 66 Magnolia and businesses - Elk City, OK - 150628
Your guess.  Are these artificial businesses in Elk City or actually businesses without customers?

Route 66 - Eddie's Burgers - Elk City, OK - 150628

Route 66 sign - Elk City, OK - 150628

Route 66 sign for National 66 Museum - Elk City, OK - 150628

The National Route 66 Museum provides detailed information and artifacts of the historic route.

The replica Opera House is part of the Route 66 Museum system and is used for event rentals.  Route 66 Weatherford Opera House 150628

Oh, here is another tidbit of information from Blog Writer Laura Bailey.   “If you’re brave, stay at the Ramada Inn in Elk City. Request room 110. Its haunted.”  Laura mentioned there was a shocking incident that occurred there a few years ago.  She indicated room 110 showed up during several haunted house websites.

I’ll leave the haunted room to your imagination and will continue the journey westward through Texas into Arizona.  To be continued …


9 thoughts on “Route 66 ride continues in OK

  1. Thanks for these posts on Route 66. I’ve traveled parts of historic route 66 but would someday like to drive the entire stretch… beginning to end. As a first time visitor to your site, the one thing I see missing is an “About” page. I’d love to know/see that you are traveling in a RV. Alone or with ? What part of the country are you originally from? Just a thought!

    1. I hope to go the whole route as well. Our travels on Route 66 for this journey was in our Subaru. I wasn’t prepared to take the RV that distance, from Florida, without sufficient time to enjoy the journey. Like the saying goes – don’t be in a hurry with a motorhome. That’s another reason I’m considering an RPOD or similar, smaller trailer that can be pulled by the Subaru. That way I’m more maneuverable.

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