Route 66 in OK

Route 66 in Weatherford, OK - Grocery Store - 150628America’s highway, Route 66, warrants getting off the Interstate system and taking the back roads, which, in the case of Route 66, was previously the main highway.

This post highlights some of the route through Oklahoma as we traveled westward.  We need to schedule another trip to highlight travels from Chicago to Oklahoma and from Arizona to California.

Route 66 Porter House model restaurant-150628-2
Roadside restaurant that is actually a little museum.  I tried to open the door but realized the restaurant wasn’t operational.  🙂 It sort of takes you back in time a little though.
Route 66 Porter House model restaurant-150628-3
Photo through the window of what it was like along the route.  Take a look at some of the prices.  You won’t find this kind of deal today.
Route 66 Porter House model restaurant-150628-4
Photo was a little difficult as I had a lot of reflection in the glass.  Anyway, you get the idea of how the roadside diner operated.

There are many websites that discuss some of the history of Route 66 and its significance to modern road travels beginning in the U.S. provides good insight and respective photos along and near the route.

The Historic 66 website has a detailed list of activities throughout the year associated with Route 66.  There are various car shows that certainly interests the car and retro enthusiasts.

Road Trip USA has excellent information as well.  Here is a map of the route through Oklahoma.

You’ll notice Route 66 in Oklahoma is also Interstate 44 from Kansas to Oklahoma City, where it then becomes Interstate 40.  Our travel took us from Arkansas on Interstate 40 into Oklahoma City.

I’ll post more images later to showcase a few towns along Route 66.



15 thoughts on “Route 66 in OK

  1. Route 66, just west of OKC in Yukon Oklahoma , you’ll see Garth Brooks Blvd. If you took a left onto it, a short way up is the cemetery where his mom is buried. On Rt 66 AKA Main St, is a restaurant calked Fat ElvUS. I think its closed now but Garth Brooks pics of him as a youngster was part of the local folks photos in it. Continuing down 66, just a way is and old building to your right thats closed down. It has an old sign for chicken & beer. That was the old bar “Oasis” that Garth sang about in ” I’ve go froends in low places”. Just a bit of local trivia.

    1. Good to know. Thank you. That’s what I’m talking about! There are sooooo many interesting pieces in these small towns we can only scratch the surface. I’ll make a point to get by there the next time I travel in that direction. I wasn’t far from Yukon during my last trip. I stayed just east of Oklahoma City and toured downtown briefly. I picked up Route 66 just before Weatherford, just west of Yukon. My posts this next week will incorporate Weatherford, Elk City and then into Arizona and New Mexico, including the Painted Desert.

      1. If you’re brave, stay at the Ramada Inn in Elk City. Request room 110. Its haunted. Lol I laugh only because when I first moved to Oklahoma and married my husband, I accompanied him on a business trip. We stayed there….in room 110. There was a shocking incident that occurred there. 5 Years later, my husbands teen son wanted to know where haunted places might be in the area for holloween event with his friends. To my shock, the Ramada Inn room 110 popped up on several haunted places websites!!!!!! We thought we had gone mad! Lol Vindicated!

      2. Oh,!!!! While in New Mexico, you MUST have green chili Stew!!! Monica’s El Portal has great green chili stew in Albuquerque
        321 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104
        That trip west is my favorite!
        I’m a big lover of old west and Billy the kid….Lincoln County wars. Lincoln New Mexico is so well preserved…..its real life Young Guns II
        One of my favorite all time places! Smokey the bear is from and buried near by too. 😊
        Hope you have a ball!

      3. I recall when I visited Albuquerque a number of years ago that every restaurant I went to had green and red chili peppers accompanying the meal. I faintly recall eating the chili peppers. I don’t recall eating the green chili stew though. I’ll definitely keep a watch out for the Hatch Green Chili.

      4. Laura, I was thinking of adding your information in my follow-up blog for Route 66 in OK. Is it okay to post some of your comment information in the post? I think readers would be interested in this additional information. Thanks.

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