Dance with Joy!

Kylie, Kinley, Shelby (3)
My granddaughters are a blessing and provide so much joy!
Ballet main characters dance
Main characters of the ballet theme.

I think most end-of-year spring dance recitals in the U.S. are finishing up so I wanted to take the liberty to highlight a couple that I’ve had the privilege of attending – particularly since family was involved.

Kylie dance 15 black and white

A couple of definitions of dance on Google are “move  rythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps” and “move in a quick and live way”.  One other is “perform (a particular dance or a role in a ballet).”

Kylie dance 13
Oldest granddaughter

To me, ballet is a beautiful form of dance that provides inspiration with a feeling of appreciation and peace to the beholder, and is an outward expression of inward joy.

I didn’t realize this significance until our daughter began dance many moons ago at the age of five through her teens. Below are her photos taken years ago and the rest of the photos highlight wonderful, loving granddaughters.

Melissa dance 6Melissa dance 7

Melissa dance 4Melissa dance 3

Melissa danceMelissa dance 5

Melissa dance 2

I wish we had a good camera years ago to capture our daughter’s various dances.

Regardless, we have the memories and joy in our hearts.










Kinley dance 5
Youngest granddaughter

Now we have the joy of being involved with our grandchildren.  I just sit back and absorb their progress, expression and beauty.

Shelby dance 3
Middle granddaughter (Son’s daughter)

This too brings me joy.

Do you have similar experiences where you can see the grace and beauty being displayed?

How are dance presentations conducted in other countries.  Maybe they are called something other than recitals.

kylie with studentsKinley dance 1Shelby dance 7Shelby dance 1



Kylie dance 13

Kylie dance 9Kylie dance 14Kinley dance 5



Kinley dance 3

Kylie Dance 2

Kylie Dance 3


Shelby dance 6Shelby dance 5Shelby dance 4Kylie dance 6Kinley dance 7Kylie and Kinley Tap 1Shelby dance 2

Kinley dance 2

Kylie and Kinley Tap 2

Kylie dance 16
Relax and prepare during rehearsal – results in an exhaustive day for these dedicated dancers.

Kylie dance 10

Kylie dance 4

May we carry the joy within us and let it flow outward!

Love and Joy,


27 thoughts on “Dance with Joy!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie. They are certainly a blessing and are full of joy. I enjoy seeing them express such grace and beauty through dance. I wouldn’t mind taking tap myself. 😀

      1. Yep. That’s what we do. There is beauty in ALL of the dancers and I enjoy seeing them do their best. I enjoy seeing the joy on the faces of everyone there. 😀

  1. Ron, beautiful ballerinas! How happy you must be to see the grandchildren follow in this art. My granddaughter danced for many years until a foot injury forced her to stop. She now studies Interior Design and the change was a happy one. Christine

    1. Thank you so much Christine. I didn’t appreciate ballet as a young person until I became more exposed to it and realized the beauty therein, especially when my daughter and granddaughters were involved. You too no doubt remember the grand times.

  2. Beautiful Grandchildren for sure. I know I love them so much😍 Scott and Melissa have sacrificed so
    they can dance, great parents!

    1. Thanks. Now she is involved heavily with dance for her children who are in most of the photos. I’m blessed to see her two daughters and our son’s daughter enjoying dance and doing well.

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