What does your mirror reflect?

Mosaic under Main Street Bridge-3

Life is full of viewpoints.  We can choose to see clearly through life’s mirror or with a blur, especially when life is swirling around us.

Levy in Southbank Riverwalk mirror

Life can present itself in color reflective of the surroundings as demonstrated through the mosaic wall underneath the Main Street Bridge in downtown Jacksonville, Fla.  What do you see?

Mosaic under Main Street Bridge-2

Is your life void of color, complete with a blur or do you see clearly although the view is sometimes fractured?

Mosaic under Main Street Bridge-4Mosaic under Main Street Bridge with Levy

8 thoughts on “What does your mirror reflect?

  1. This is a wonderful post. Not only do I love mosaics but I love the way you’ve intertwined it with the fragments of our life. So many intricate details that we can see so many different ways.

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    1. Thank you! That’s great. I hadn’t noticed them as much in the past but sometimes art and life reflections like this gathers one’s attention. It’s sort of stopping to smell the roses.

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  2. Thank you so much! That’s what reminds me as well. Every piece and placement is different from the other. Each is special in its on way and when placed together as the creator planned it makes a beautiful picture. So is life.

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  3. I just love picking up the pieces and getting on with life now. Younger, I could never do that, but being through the thick of it those mosaics are a beautiful artful way to move on into each day. A nice way to propose that life is art and it must go on.

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