A1A Beach Ride

A1A - Flagler Beach Motel street art 2Traveling Florida’s shoreline, particularly in northeast Florida along the Atlantic Ocean from St. Augustine to Daytona Beach Shores, is a relaxing ride.

A1A signVisit Florida has excellent information on Florida’s scenic highways at https://VisitFlorida.com.  “One of the most historic, relaxing, and beautiful parts of Florida can be found along the A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway on the northeast coast of the Sunshine State. This National Scenic Byway is made up of three individual state scenic highways; Scenic and Historic A1A, A1A River and Sea Trail, and A1A Ocean Shore.”

A1A is a parallel highway to Interstate 95 and U.S. 1, for the most part.  Driving this scenic route is a nice opportunity to take in some of the fresh beach air and also not worry about traffic, of course depending on when you go.  You’ll encounter a significant increase in traffic as you get closer to Daytona Beach as that is a very popular place during major race events and summer beach activities.

A1A near Flagler BeachWhile some ocean views are blocked by sand berms and condominiums there remain excellent views at periodic intervals.

Here are some of the sites along the way.

Flagler Beach 2

Flagler Beach 3

A1A at Flagler Beach
Flagler Beach during a cloudy, rainy day in spring is still a nice place to be without crowds.
A1A beach near Flagler Beach
Easy access from A1A onto the beach.
Water was a little rougher than normal due to weather.  
A1A at Flagler Beach - hurricane damage behind Funky Pelican
Although the various beaches have recovered from hurricanes in 2017 some of the buildings like this one still have repairs being done from the storm surge that destroyed some of the structures along A1A.
A1A at Flagler Beach - Funky Pelican
Interesting chalk board for guests to write their comments at the Funky Pelican on Flagler Beach at the pier.  funkypelican.com
Flager Beach Pier
Flagler Beach pier was open but not many people used it during the week and during wet, windy weather.  
Flagler Beach Restaurant
There are sufficient restaurants at Flagler Beach but during peak times they become crowded.  
Whaam Burger Street Art at Flagler Beach
How about a delicious burger from the colorful Whaam Burger restaurant?
A1A at Flagler Beach - Finns Restaurant Street Art
Finns Flagler Restaurant is another popular location. 

There are interesting pieces of street art on the restaurant walls along this corridor.  A person sure gets the beach and inviting feeling while traveling through the area.

A1A Street Art near Flagler Beach

A1A street art near Flagler Beach - Finns RestaurantA1A motel streat art south of Flagler BeachA1A Street Art at Flagler Beach businessA1A - Flagler Beach Motel street artA1A at Flagler Beach - Motel Street Art

Once you leave Flagler Beach you will still see a few restaurants but mostly nice, peaceful scenery.  I’ll save a few more photos for another post about the Daytona Beach area.

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19 thoughts on “A1A Beach Ride

  1. Beautiful photos Don and the make me “home sick”. I live across the Atlantic but visited
    Florida about a year and half ago and drove this road. Wonderful area altogether.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you. The brightness is what initially drew my attention. Maybe I haven’t noticed kitsch frescos as much in the past but it seems like this is becoming more of a trend.

    1. Good to know. Thanks. I think that is one of the best locations to see more of the beach instead of the more populated areas with higher berms, sea oats, condos and houses.

    1. I agree. I like to visit other locations but I feel I have so much to write about and photo in Florida too. I’ll still travel out and then regroup back in Florida. I’ve been taking some trips to the natural springs and some of the non-Disney areas to highlight. I’m now backlogged. 🙂

  2. Looks inviting! I’ll need to do this drive at some point…up to now only driven from Jax to St. Augustine.

    1. Thanks. It’s similar to Jax to St. Augustine but you can see the ocean view a little better. There are plenty of condos and businesses between Jax and St. Augustine that hide the view. Once you get near Daytona and farther south hotels and condos blanket the beach. There is another nice drive along US 1 south of Daytona Beach but the beach view is not there.

  3. These are beautiful photos. I drove from Daytona Beach to St/ Augustine last year, but I didn’t have a lot of time to stop. I managed the beach / pier that you have included and I toured the St Augustine Lighthouse at the top end. Thanks for bringing back some nice memories.

    1. That’s great Dan. Thank you! Glad you were able to drive through the area. And of course all the history in St. Augustine. I plan to post so photos and include a write-up about that area as well; just trying to determine the time frame.

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