Who is responsible for traffic safety?

Pedestrian crossing between traffic (2)
                                                                  Person walking across multiple lanes of busy traffic.  Why didn’t she use the crosswalk and push the button?

Pedestrians cross busy corridors regularly every day without thought of their safety and thinking EVERY driver will see them.

What is needed? Will autonomous (self-driving) vehicles be the answer? But, how would a pedestrian or cyclist know if the vehicle is autonomous or being driven by a human? What will it take for individuals being responsible for their own traffic safety?


It is so easy to cast fault to others. Every day I drive I see someone walking or biking in between traffic, even when they are within 20 feet of a marked crosswalk. I just don’t understand this scenario, especially in major corridors with many moving parts and distractions. I believe we are almost facing an epidemic of non-attention in traffic safety.

My heart goes out to those impacted by traffic crashes,whether they are at fault or not. The fact is, someone died or was injured. That impacts everyone involved.

Ped symbol

Can and will these situations be prevented? I propose the ongoing achievements for autonomous vehicles will help curtail crashes but can we rely on technology alone?

Just recently a tragic death occurred where a self-driving vehicle apparently did not “see” a pedestrian in time to stop. As I looked at the video clip my first thought was I couldn’t see the person neither since it was night and the person was wearing dark clothing. If I was driving the vehicle myself I’m not sure I could have stopped in time.

If we combine current technology with our increased traffic awareness I’m confident we can help save lives. I think it will take years though for fully-autonomous vehicles to adapt to practically every scenario. Even then, if a pedestrian or cyclist doesn’t take necessary precautions – such as using roadway safety designs, wearing bright clothes, using proper lighting – can we really say that the vehicle is at fault? #pedsafety #autonomousvehicle

Florida Department of Transportation has a website that provides excellent products and information for traffic safety in northeast Florida.  Check it out at http://trafficsafetyteam.org/

With spring arriving there are more people walking and bicycling.  I’m curious concerning laws and how people use the designed road safety features around the world.  I see that human nature is the same.

How observant will we be in the days ahead.  Let’s make a goal of saving one life at a time!  We can!


7 thoughts on “Who is responsible for traffic safety?

  1. True. I like to see some of the remote locations and pick out something unique about them. No doubt in my mind that ever place we go there is something unique.

  2. Even when crossing on a pedestrian crossing here, look out both ways and don’t expect cars to necessarily slow down. Most are due to distracted talking and texting drivers. Some are just plain aggressive.

    1. I agree. That’s the case in the U.S. as well and getting worse. Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike need to look left, look right and look left again. Drivers are allowed to make right hand turns on red but typically don’t look right when turning, only looking left to see if other vehicles are coming. This can happen the same time a person has the walking symbol to enter the crosswalk. If I’m a pedestrian or bicyclist I will ensure I watch the vehicle getting ready to turn right and hit me – and not assume the driver noticed I was entering the crosswalk. As a side note I need to get back to blogging on some of our travel through Europe. I recall bicycles everywhere and I’m sure they are starting to come out in droves since spring is here. Thanks!

      1. Looking forward, as I recall you also visited less travelled places. As to bicycles, you get them in mid-sized, and small towns that are flat. None here, what with the carzy car/moped drivers, the famous hills and notorious potholes 🙂

  3. Thank you Linda. I’ve given presentations to high schools and senior adults alike to emphasize safe walking, biking and driving. It’s amazing how many are not familiar with safe procedures. I’ve often reminded audiences to consider travelers to Florida and attempt to be observant as they may not know their directions nor some of the unique laws. Also, GPS may not reflect accurately on roadways when people travel through construction zones. Additionally, Florida has a lot of tourism and drivers must be observant at every location.

  4. I get very frustrated with people who disregard safety. I, for one, certainly don’t ever want to hit someone with my car or be hit. I do think too many pedestrians depend on drivers to be aware. I never cross in front of a vehicle without making eye contact. I don’t trust them to always be able or alert enough to see me. 😎

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