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Maybe I have not been as observant as you but I sense some changes in the wind – uh, future technology – and wonder how it may impact our lives, including travel.

First, I started seeing the trend with Bitcoin and couldn’t quite grasp its worth and usefulness, not to mention similar blockchains such as Ethereum and Litecoin.  It’s too much for my brain to grasp in a few hours, and probably a few years.

Now, I wonder about the ID Coin.

I was intrigued by the Helen Partz article this month titled “Microsoft To Implement Blockchain-Based ID System.”  She shared Microsoft’s post that Microsoft is “looking to provide new a model of digital identity that would not be controlled by any centralized institution and would guarantee fully private data storage, enabling the individual to have full control of ‘all elements of [their] digital identity’.”

I can’t quite determine if the Blockchain-Based ID System is the same as the ID Coin that I read about this month as well.  The Partz article was published on the Cointelegraph website and provided this comment for further clarity.

“After considering a number of standards for decentralized identity systems, Microsoft reports they decided that Blockchain technology and protocols were ‘well suited’ for the task, stating:

‘Some public blockchains (Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum, Litecoin, to name a select few) provide a solid foundation for rooting DIDs, recording DPKI operations, and anchoring attestations’.”

So, am I to assume the Bitcoin is used primarily for current and future transactions along with other blockchain-based systems whereas the future ID Coin will secure my identify?

I like Microsoft’s Explanimators that provide short video (cartoon-style) stories to help me grasp what this new technology means.  Microsoft Explanimators

Otherwise, it’s somewhat over my head as I’m not a traditional tech-savvy human if you know what I mean.

I am confident these new technologies will increase our wellbeing, both financial and personal identity.  Maybe our worldwide travels will become more secure.

It’s still a little scary though – especially the unknown.

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2 thoughts on “Coins and Travel

  1. Thanks. I have to push myself some to learn more about the tech world. I am also wary and feel like we have no control over what eventually may control us – although probably for the right reasons. I liked the link as well and will review more of them.

  2. Not a traditional tech-savy human? Compared to me, you are! I for one am very wary of where technology is taking us, and find your enthusiasm refreshing. I did click on the microsoft link which is fun and just about my speed 🙂

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