Okay, have you been absent from something for awhile and forget where you left off, or what you thought, or your activity?

That’s me.  I can’t believe it’s been a long time since I last posted something on the blog.  When I starting writing it I wanted to express thoughts on a mother’s influence, life experiences and travels (primarily where most people have not gone).

But you know what?  Life does get in the way of our plans and intentions.  With various obligations writing became a back-burner.  Can you relate?  I’m sure most of you have plenty of time to share your thoughts on paper, right?

Well, I’m now entering a new stage of life where the “job” obligations are no longer and I have more freedom of thought – if I establish a sensible, time-conscious routine that doesn’t become a burden.

There are many places I’ve already visited – gathering images and information – but those images and thoughts just sit there.  I look forward to sharing them in the days, months and years ahead; of course mixed with more recent travels as well.

Maybe I’ll plan for one blog post a week, as long as I have something to say.  What do you suggest?

I appreciate those who have offered advice in the past to write “something” every day to stay in the routine, even if only for a few minutes.  I DO want to post meaningful thoughts however.

See ya soon.






3 thoughts on “Wow! Where was I?

  1. Looks like when you were returning, I was heading into my hiatus last year. =) My suggestion? Post twice a week. That way there’s more quality than quantity. But there’s no wrong way, of course. And your posts are of amazing quality. I just worry about the time-consuming aspect of blogging sometimes. 😊

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