Bubbles and palms reflect life too

bubble-in-flightIntentions of writing in 2016 were good but where has time gone.  Each of us has the same amount of time to use in what we call life, don’t we?  Life seems like a perfect bubble that enters the world and floats freely, with all of its beauty and glory.

This bubble reminds me of how life is actually short and at any point in time it could fade away, or someone could burst it.  So I think I need to “re-reflect” on my writing and enjoy it, when the opportunity presents itself.

Time is moving along – reminding me of the past, present and future.

No doubt blogging needs to be a regular occurrence and I have been a bit slack in 2016 trying to balance life and making intermittent travels.

I even took an unintentional pause from writing about our fall travels to the Northeast U.S., and now I feel I have a lot to catch up.  If we’re not careful blogging can become a burden instead of a joy, and sense of freedom.  Do you know what I mean?

So, before my bubble slips away from the moment, I want to share this thought.

I didn’t travel outside the local Florida area during the November and December holidays but something I thought was interesting last week was decoration of palm trees at Vilano Beach, just north of St. Augustine, Florida.


These decorated palms were noticed while taking a joy ride through the beach area, that had been damaged from Hurricane Matthew only a few months ago.

Just like life, when situations develop and we see destruction all around, there are opportunities to rise above the challenge and create beauty.  I think these holiday-decorated palms remind me of how people rebound from adversity and spread the cheer to others who choose to see.



Please guard against someone altering the flight of your bubble, or bursting it, as we enter 2017.  Let’s enjoy abundant life and the beauty that is around us, even through adversity.  I hope you have an Enjoyable, Safe, Rewarding New Year!  Let’s make it so!

5 thoughts on “Bubbles and palms reflect life too

  1. Wise and creative way to look back and to move ahead towards the new year. The pictures and text are fun yet thought-provoking. And yes, it’s hard to find a rhythm for posting, but it has to be your own rhythm. Quality over quantity, but try to aim for some kind of constant, even if it’s just once a month 🙂 Whatever you do, please keep these delightful posts coming. And thank you for your wishes, wishing you and your loved ones an excellent 2017!

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