I figured I would take a little break from the travel writing, although I’m still not as frequent as I would like, and showcase what I refer to as the “sound of freedom.”

I never tire of the roar, swish and maneuvers of military might and power in the img_1656air.  I equate that to the sound of freedom. The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels reflect the capability and desire of a nation that still wants to stand up for those who yearn to be free to think and live without being told how or being under government threats.

Is this one aircraft or two? Maybe it’s a unique aircraft with stabilizers on the top and bottom. Well – there are two aircraft side-by-side and one is inverted. Superb skill!

I enjoyed seeing the Sea and Air Spectacular again today that highlighted the Blue Angels.  Have you seen them fly before?

Thousands enjoyed the Jacksonville Beach setting as various vintage and modern-day aircraft performed their skills in the sky.

It’s amazing the precision demonstrated in the air.  The pilots, whether civilian or military, are no doubt among the best in the world and the maneuvers are beyond logic and understanding.  Below are some additional clips to provide you a little taste of the force, capability and speed of these aircraft.  You’ll get a little surprise for the last clip so make sure you check it out.  It’s cool!

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