Ramstein, Germany is a pleasant town that takes you back to some of the history of Germany with its architecture while meeting modern day needs of the locale.

We had a very pleasant stay during our trip to the region around Ramstein, which became our anchor for area travels.

Ramstein spring flowers

While traveling to Germany we wondered what type of lodging would be readily available in the quaint town of Ramstein so we could absorb the culture and beauty.

Ramsteiner HofR

Ramsteiner Hof was the perfect location.  It is a hotel located at Miesenbacher Str. 26 Ramstein-Miesenbach. We found the hosts to be very personable and accommodating. They were fluent in their English, although I did attempt a few words in German.

I often wonder how my southern U.S. accent comes through when I try to speak a little in a different language. Maybe I’m more self conscious and that limits my ability to immerse in a different culture and language.

The Ramsteiner Hof is very clean and we felt safe.  It is perched on a slight hill and is the corner structure at a key thoroughfare that intersects with a side street to the surrounding community.  Ramstein hotel street

We enjoyed meandering around the area to get our bearings and take in some of the local sights and sounds.

The hotel offers a relaxing restaurant, golf course, wi-fi, fitness center and separate non-smoking rooms.  I checked out the fitness center across the street and it was adequate for my needs.

I even experimented with the washer and dryer across the street.  I wasn’t quite sure how to operate it and attempted to interpret the German instructions.  It took me a little while to figure it out but it worked.  I was curious too concerning how the washer could clean my clothes with limited water.  Nonetheless, my clothes became clean.

I was very impressed with the hospitality of the hosts.  When we went into the restaurant for the complimentary breakfast, there was a nice, attractive display of breakfast items.  And then – the host asked if I wanted eggs or an omelet.  That was music to my ears.  He put a lot of care in making the omelet.  It was delicious.

The dining area was quiet and pleasant as we reflected on the local flavor – food and decor.

The local commuter train station was within five minutes walking time.  We had an enjoyable walk to check it out.  You should have seen us trying to interpret the train schedule and fares.  I wish we would have saved some time to take one of the train rides though.  We did however walk around the restaurants and businesses to see what we wanted to eat and to visit a couple of stores.

Ramstein commuter train

The sounds of freedom are heard in the vicinity of Ramstein as Ramstein Air Base is nearby.

I became curious about the origin of Ramstein and found a few tidbits of information.

According to Wikipedia, Ramstein-Misenbach has a population of approximately 9,200. City designation was awarded in 1991.

During Roman times there was a village on the old east-west road north of the Western Palatinate swamps.  There are apparently sufficient artifacts that indicate people lived in the area since Roman times.

Ramstein church

Ramstein is first mentioned in a document dated 2 June 1215. With this document  Emperor Frederic II, the grandson of Emperor Frederic Barbarossa, gave to his knight Reinhard von Lautern the protector’s rights of the Ramstein church along with its two subsidiary churches in Weilerbach and Spesbach. This knight’s successor, Siegfried von Hohenecken, transferred the protectorate to the “Deutschorden” (Knights Order) in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

In 1366 the knight Johannes von Ramstein lived in Ramstein. He served the counts of Veldenz and had his own court. In the 14th century Ramstein became part of the area under the Palatinate Elector.

More interesting information is available on Wipipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramstein-Miesenbach.

Now it’s time to experience Ramstein if you travel to the area.  If you desire a reasonable, safe, relaxing and clean hotel, I think Ramsteiner Hof Hotel will be an excellent choice.  https://www.ixigo.com/ramsteiner-hof-hotel-ramsteinmiesenbach-germany-hid-544222

I welcome your comments about the area.  Did you have similar experiences?

(Photos by Linda and Ron Tittle.)

3 thoughts on “Ramstein worth the visit

  1. Germany’s not as tourist-heavy as other European countries, and on a drive through to Belgium, we enjoyed Augsburg and Munich on the way back. Did you use Ramstein as a base to visit other towns or cities or for excursions?

    1. We only had a week so Ramstein became a nice place to stay overnight while traveling to the surrounding towns. I intend to post a couple more stories about the visit along the Rhine River, Rüdesheim and Trier. I also plan to eventually travel back and branch out to other locations while having more time.

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