Once upon a time there was a new house, nestled in the scenic fields along a slow, purposeful county road.  Life was much slower then as the new structure took shape and became the overwatch of the flower-adorned fields and the community travelers.DSC_3685

Imagine the laughter and sounds of peace within the walls of the new  house.  The amenities of the time are certainly welcomed and this new dwelling competes with the other structures made with human hands.

I wonder about the children – their names and ages – and how many lived in this small but sufficient house that became a home.  What did the man and woman of the house do for a living?  Were they farmers?

Where did the residents go and for what reason?  There are just too many questions with no answers I suppose.

Now over the echoes of time as we reflect on the structure that still remains, although barely, one can’t help but take notice and wonder.  Gaze upon the remains.  What do you see?  What do you hear?

Listen to the laughter, the cries, the walls speaking to us.  Imagine life that once was.

Now the walls are silent – begging for new life or just existing until time overcomes.  The porch that was once the welcome mat for all who approach the beauty of the structure now creeks if one even dares to step on one piece, or it may give way completely to ones misfortune.

Abandoned and forgotten but memories still remain somewhere, or has the memory faded with the passing of the lives who once called this house their home.

Though not in its beauty and glory of the day, the monument still stands as a testament to time and life.

Just like life itself, there is the newness and innocence of childhood followed by the growing stages into young adulthood – and the fast and furious life of establishing a career and family.  When the walls of our lives fade with the lack of paint and the diminishing laughter and joy within, and we seem that our sense of purpose is slipping away, where is the revival?  Are our lives deteriorated like this lonely structure that now awaits its final destiny?

And then there is a resurrection.  Who will purchase this structure and replenish the remaining pieces for use again?

Who purchased our spiritual life within and made it anew?  I recall the words of Jesus Christ who makes all things new.  The old life is passed away and new life begins.  Because He resurrected we too have the new life.

We may think our lives are like the old house that was discarded and without purpose – BUT when we trust and believe in Christ, we are alive again, with joy and renewed purpose in life.  Believe, ask forgiveness, accept His salvation and live the resurrected life – because HE LIVES.







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