Shelf life of a shell life – old versus new

Mickler Beach 151229-13

See these shells? Look at their diversity.  Why do you think God made them diverse?  Each has a specific purpose and provides a certain beauty.  Every shell is unique.  It’s kind of like our lives and how we are all unique with various flavors, colors, designs and yes – even purposes.

As in these shells, we are not “special” over another.  However, we are ALL special to God and our lives matter.  He loves each of us and sacrificed so much for us.

I suppose we can say these shells do have a shelf life.  At one time they housed a living creature and now lay around waiting for someone to behold their beauty and usefulness.

What about these shells?

They are alone without being associated with other shells.  They exhibit a rough life – battered, tossed around by the waves, aged, discarded, broken. The one on the right has the external appearance of being a complete half shell but looks can be deceiving.

Mickler Beach 151229-12

We just don’t know the entire story until we examine not just the outside but the inside.  The inner being may be dark and lonely, hollow and empty, discarded until the light reflects on the inside too.

We can relate to these shells in more ways than one but I want us to reflect on how important our lives are.  We may feel that our shelf life has come to an end or that we have been placed on a shelf without much to show for our past experiences.

Yes we do learn from our experiences but that isn’t the end.  As we move from 2015 into 2016 we have opportunities to get off the shelf and show our usefulness.  The world needs us.  We are individuals yet part of a society of diverse creation.

As in these shells, we can experience new life and a renewed purpose.  We have the choice.  What’s yours?

As the tide and waves of life in 2016 roll in, chasing everything in their paths, let’s stay aware of the dangers around us but realize we have a shelter.  God has provided a way.

Happy and Safe New Year with 2016 blessings too.  Memorial Park reflection globe downtown Jax - Linda's photo


Photos by Linda Tittle

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