The following are questions asked about a mother’s influence for children’s sports along with Amy’s thoughts:



1. How influential do you feel you have been in teaching and encouraging your son (child) to play sports?

I feel blessed first and foremost that God in His mighty power would entrust to me a son, so whatever I get to teach him, whether it be sports, planting a garden or writing his name, I am right then at that very moment blessed and know that I am an important influence to him!

2. What did you do to encourage him to play sports?

Always talked positive about sports and make them out to be very fun and exciting

3.  What were some of your son’s fears about trying sports?

He did not know really how to do it at first, bigger kids!

4. What were some of your fears of your son trying to play sports?

Rejection by others, his feelings being hurt!

5. How did you encourage your son?

That it doesn’t really matter how good you play – it is you heart motive and attitude behind sports and anything you do in life!

6. Did you teach him to pitch and bat a baseball, throw a football, dribble a basketball, roll a bowling ball, run track or aspects of numerous other sports?

Well!!! After my husband teaches him those things I would just continue encouraging them and working with him and playing with him!

7. What were some key pointers that he learned from you?

Keep trying!!! When you feel you are getting a bad attitude from anger caused by not being able to perform as you want to, PRAY and ask God to help you!!

8. How far did your son progress playing sports? Little League or Pop Warner?  High School?  College?  Professional?

9. If your son would thank you for your efforts to help and encourage him to play sports, what do you think he would say?

Thank you because I had fun and you did not put to much pressure to perform like everyone else; but you let me be myself and play like myself and more than anything you always found a way to honor God in every sport I played!

10. What do you consider was the most important thing you taught your son to help him play sports?

Just remember who gave you the ability to play this sport and praise Him for it!

11. What do you consider as the most important life lesson your son learned from you?

To Glorify God in ALL that we do! Be Honest!

12. What would you tell your grandson about how your son played the game?

To glorify the One who gave him the ability to play, very good and he had fun doing it!

13. If you had the opportunity to do something over, what would you do?

Lots of things!!!

14. How rewarding was your effort to teach your son about sports?

It has been so far a tremendous privilege given by my Lord to watch my son play basketball!


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